Lazy Monthly // September 2019

Septaugber. Months that chug at lightning speed (like a train, not like beer ok) through falling New England leaves.

Are these even separate months? I want to talk to an official. And I hope they say no, because September was a fantastic month for me musically, and I hope October rides that train all the way to the station.

Starting now, I’ll be featuring my top plays for the month in an updated Lazy Monthly Spotify playlist. It’ll be completely replaced on the first of each month, so you know the deal, save your faves.

I said last month that I changed the way I listen to music, but then on September 8, I discovered JQBX and the Lanky Bastards, and that was an even more momentous change. The data knows it, too…


I racked up 2,625 plays this month, averaging 88 plays per day. I heard 2,329 unique tracks by 1,699 unique artists. That’s well over double the number of artists I listened to last month (713)! That’s 89% unique tracks, and about 11% tracks I listened to more than once. Most of that 11%, I probably only listened to twice. If I was already more song- than album-oriented, then I’m song-obsessed now. Let’s look at how those babies stacked up throughout September.


September smashed, ok?? That upswing is what I like to see. I went from averaging 61 plays per day in August, to an average of 88 per day in September. And you can see a pretty obvious start in the upward trend right around the time I discovered JQBX.

Last month, I had 5 days with over 100 plays. This month, I had 13 days over 100! Plus, I can now proudly say I had a day where I was intently, actually, listening to 200 songs. If this is something anyone even cares about…well that…I’ll have to think about it.

I predicted that I might be able to listen to more in September than August, and dang, I crushed it. But what could possibly have filled up this much of my time? A total of 7 days and 5 hours of listening time? Hint: it was some gooood ish.

Top Artists

Allllright. Marco Benevento is number one. He’s coming to the Sinclair on October 18th (my 25th birthday, welcome to my quarter-life crisis), and he just released a tasty new album, Let It Slide, on September 20. If you haven’t heard it yet, just go listen to it as a special birthday present to me.

Also, it’s mandatory that we not forget the stellar opener for this show, the Mattson 2, who make the most delightful psychedelic jazz-rock you’ll ever hear. They’re identical twins too, so I can’t wait to hear what they can do together live. Listen to their summer release, Paradisethe next time you’re feelin’ spacey.


I also went back to my forever-favorite, Darwin Deez. He’s the best, and always will be, don’t try to change my mind. It’s something about the multi-layered arrangement, and the storytelling, and the guitar, and the vocals. Check out literally all of his songs.

There’s too many good artists here to talk about them all. If you dig jazz, Earprint’s 2016 self-titled album is where it’s at, but somehow only has 14 monthly listeners? I will also say that the new releases from Metronomy, Neal Francis, Moonchild, Doctor Bionic, Abro, and the Babe Rainbow absolutely slapped.

A couple jems from JQBX rose to the top: DJ Frane’s super-heady Journey to the Planet of Birds (thanks jawsh) and Julie London’s luscious Julie is Her Name (thanks shroom). I am actually 150% in love with Julie London now. I mean, just put on ‘I’m In the Mood for Love,’ and you’ll start falling too. Also…

Voice in the Mirror (1958)
directed by Harry Keller
shown: Julie London

Top Tracks

My favorite track this month was Taylor McFerrin’s ‘All I See Is You,’ off his August-released full-length stunner Love’s Last Chance. McFerrin has such an ear for smooth R&B composition, and he finally let his vocals and lyrical writing really take the stage on this album. This track though…all I’m gonna say is…it’s hot.


Last month, I thought I needed to explain why I never listen to tracks more than 10 times in a month. Now, none got above 6 plays?! There’s just too much discovery going on. If a song’s on this list, it’s new to me and it’s a banger.

This version of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ hit me like a freight train this month after I heard it live on a special segment Emerson College’s 88.9 WERS was doing. It’s fast as hell and they just keep on going.

Another song I was really stoked about this month is from local ska heroes The Void Union! They’re nasty jazz players turned dad-ska-ers about to release a brand new album. Listen to ‘In Like Flynn‘ from 2012’s Higher Guns simply because it rips.

Also, shout out to Madvillain, I’m sorry I never listen to you.

Discovery Donuts

Because of the new account, it’ll take a while (maybe 6 months?) for stats on what was new to become meaningful. I’m not that likely to relisten to everything I’ve ever listened to before, after all. But I can still guesstimate, and I’m sure we all still like donuts.


I definitely listened to more music that I had never heard before than familiar stuff this month, again. JQBX played a biiiig role in that. With other people selecting the tracks, my bias towards familiar names flew out the window.

Although the donuts are still unreliable in terms of data nerd standards, it’s kinda cute to see that my loyalty percentage has risen a little. I doubt I’ll keep discovering artists at such an incredible rate. Future donuts shall speak.

Goodbye, September!

We had a good time. Thanks for the two-thousand tunes. Onwards to Halloween, red leaves all over the ground everywhere, chilly-ass dog walks, and excessive Kit-Kats-for-breakfast.

This has been your September edition of Lazy Monthly.

What were you listening to this month?