Hey there! Thanks for being here.

With focus on new releases and forgotten gems in indie, reggae, pop, R&B, soul, and electronic, Lazy Plays features daily song recommendations on Instagram and sporadic commentary here on the site.

Coming soon: more Spotify playlists, blog posts, and collabs!

Who & Why

Surprise! Lazy Plays is a one-gal operation. My name’s Erica – I’m a Boston-based writer and jam spreader.

I started Lazy Plays because I love learning about new music and people. Lazy Plays is partly for me (to dig deeper and discover more about music), but mostly for others (to connect listeners to authentic, hard-working artists who deserve to be heard).

Features & Collabs

If you’re looking to be featured, it’s possible, so submit if you’re feeling it. Bonus points if you are a nice human.

Just be aware that this project is very subjective. I choose music I can’t get out of my own head, music from brand-spankin’-new bands that I think have potential, and music that, to me, is flawlessly produced or arranged.

I’d love to grow this project through collaborations! Head over to the Contact page if you think we could cook up something sweet. Cheers! 💖