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Lazy Plays is a Boston-based music blog on a mission to light up your ears with the latest and greatest in all combinations of indie, soul, reggae, jazz, RnB, funk and electronic. But are genres even real anymore? And who’s behind the turntable here?

Surprise… Lazy Plays is a one-gal operation. My name’s Erica – I’m a writer, IPA-drinker, show-goer and jam-spreader. I started Lazy Plays to discover more great tunes, but also to connect others to sweet, sweet sounds and the artists making them.

Current Sauce:

daily song recommendations on Instagram
playlists on Spotify
curated Bostnshow calendar
various commentary here on the site

Coming Soon:
more (better) Spotify playlists
blog posts

Features // Collabs

If you’re looking to be featured, get at me! Bonus points if you’re a nice human, and/or your sound fits in ’round here. Just be aware that I only cover music I fall in love with. Placement isn’t guaranteed.

I’d love to grow this project through collaborations with artists, other blogs, or other music industry folks. Head over to the Contact page if you think we could cook up something sweet.

Cheers // ๐Ÿ’–

Erica & Mango at Lazy Plays HQ