New Fangs // 4

Graphic art with zigzags and text "NEW FANGS"

It’s Friday! Get these gosh-dang future sounds into your ears!
Spotify playlist with this week’s picks can be found here.

Cassowary – Cassowary

This is the sound man. Cassowary is a sax ripper and master blender of funk, psych, jazz, and RnB. It’s smooth, bassy, chillin-in-the-whip-except-no-just-my-bed-cause-we-can’t-go-outside music. Plus a few wild time signatures. ‘Moth’ is 15/3. If that’s not enough, a cassowary is a bird. A highly aggressive and hyper-cool bird, just like this album.


Amo Amo – ‘Canta’

This song came out on Earth Day, which is an increasingly depressing holiday for me. So I’m happy that Amo Amo leaned into their reggae influence here, like they do on the equally great ‘Closer to You.’ Amo Amo might be the new sound of the inside of my feelings. Thankful for bands that think about the planet. And great singers. And great low end.


Maajo – Kuru Kuru

Kuru Kuru is an absolute joy of an album. Finland’s Maajo can’t really be called “Finland’s” at all – their music is truly worldwide. They describe themselves as, “a rare tropical breeze from the cold north,” and I couldn’t improve on that if I tried. ‘Meje Ibo’ is an instant hit for me. Breathe this one in.


Skinshape – ‘In the End’

Just a nice, summery tune with that modern indie underwater-sounding guitar tone. It made me want to open the window and watch the sun set but it’s still a little chilly in Boston. Saving this one for warmer dystopian days!


Luge – Luge

I mean, if you have 26 minutes and you’re not listening to this, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s art punk and it’s silly and it’s rocking and it’s just weird enough. Quirkily in love with bands from Toronto right now. Luge is life! Luge is life! Luge is life!


Forever Honey – Pre-Mortem High

This is an EP from a band that opened for my Divine Sweater pals! It’s got some solid indie jams that have me reminiscing about my days wasting time in my childhood bedroom. This is equally something I can play now, at a very fitting age of 25, while I continue to waste time in my adult bedroom.


Ivan Ave – Double Goodbyes

Norwegian MC Ivan Ave always adds lots of flavor to his chilled-out R&B tracks. I wasn’t sure I’d dig a full length – the power singles had my expectations high. Especially ‘Nu Path’ which was still a good listen. Very good for staring out the window or getting a gentle fade on.


GoGo Penguin – ‘F Maj Pixie’

Everything from GoGo Penguin is worth a listen. Extremely tight drumming on this one, and that signature piano mastery. Music would be different without this band.


Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music

I’d be totally remiss to leave this one out. Smooth and deep nu jazz. This scene created its entire vibe through community and you can hear that support whenever they team up. I dig this release for lounging and Tom Misch’s singing is never easy to put aside. Dayes is just nasty, there isn’t another word for it.


Waaju – ‘Listening Glasses’

Five dudes from London cooking up afro-latin-influenced jazz cuts. Not too much released on Spotify, and a surprising lack of streams (at least on Spotify) for the quality. Essential UK jazz group on the come-up. Their new album, Grown, hits June 12.


Let me know what you think of these freshies! Or did I miss something? Don’t let me sleep on it, please I beg you. 😭