Bevs, Books, And Bangers // 1

An image of a vinyl record by Doctor Bionic called Reaching The Unknown.

Mondays @ 9 pm EST. Sipping beverages , flipping pages, and selecting from my physical collection. Forever & ever.

THE BEverage

Medford Brewing Company – India Pale Ale

For the first BBB we’ve got to start with my first beer of 2021. It’s Medford Brewing‘s IPA. I got this fresh little 7.2% ABV delivered to my door along with a scrumptious homemade donut and breakfast sando from Brassica Kitchen + Cafe. Yes, at 2pm and yes I had them deliver from 0.2 miles away. Anything I can do to help with my Sunday scaries – amplified 21x by the New Year.


Frank Herbert – Dune

I’ve been committing to reading a chapter of a book per night for a few weeks now. There’s days where I don’t get to, but I make up for it by reading more than one where I can. Dune is a great book for this practice – the chapters aren’t too long or too short.

Yes, my dog chewed the corner. What about it? I think we’re all a little stir-crazy.

It’s pretty much my first sci-fi read since graduate school absolutely decimated my will to ever scan words with my eyes again. I’m really loving it so far. It’s a bit odd because my mind’s eye doesn’t “see” the world as clearly as it used to when I was younger. Maybe it’s because I used to read over 100 novels per summer, and I’m out of practice?

Anyways, Dune is a great book to take you away from current happenings. But eerily the landscape feels connected to today’s real word. I’m looking forward to see what happens with sandworms and spice.


Doctor Bionic – Reaching the Unknown Chapter 2 (2018)

I’m not going to shut up about Doctor Bionic. This album seemed like just the thing to pull as I read about the strange land of Arrakis, sip my first brew from Medford Brewing, and stare down a new year of unknowns.

It’s delightful analog funk instrumental music created in the future but reminiscent of the past. I snagged this one from Chiefdom Records’ Bandcamp on May 1 – must’ve been a Bandcamp Friday snag. Favorite track is “Reaching the Unknown.”