New Fangs // 2

It’s Friday! Here are some new releases worth a listen. In no particular order & with just a few comments. Get these gosh-dang future sounds into your ears! Spotify playlist updated with the latest picks can be found here.

Metronomy – Metronomy Forever

METRONOMY FOREVER! Electronical goodies from one of the greatest bands in experimental electrified pop. I haven’t had such fun since their 2008 release Nights Out. I’m too excited about how this album sounds – they killed it!


30/70 – ‘Backfoot’

I get so hype for everything 30/70 puts out since I heard their 2015 full length Cold Radish Coma. This is the second single off the upcoming full-length Fluid Motion out October 25.


Clinton Fearon – History Say

Clinton Fearon is truly keeping reggae alive. I got the chance to see him live with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad in Boston last year. He’s an absolutely massive singer, and I’m grateful for this finely produced new release.


Blue Lab Beats – ‘Stand Up’ feat. Kaidi Akinnibi, Richie Garrison, Sheila Maurice-Grey

Blue Lab Beats are popping off right now. They’re even on 2 of these newfangled Friday picks. See the next one down for more excellent collaboration, or just check out the State of Jazz on Spotify – this track’s number one!


Sampa the Great – The Return

Heavily anticipated, masterfully produced. With over an hour of material here, you really have to sink in to this one. Sampa & friends make that a super easy task.


The New Mastersounds – Shake It

It’s a jazz-funk fiesta! Pick a peck of the most primo players and you have the New Mastersounds. Nasty jazz-funk for ya.


Vacación, Caloncho, El David Aguilar – ‘Bichi’ feat. Juan Wauters

Springy beach-rocker of a tune! Perfect for an end-of-summer slacker like me. Just kidding, I do a shit ton every day. But this song makes me feel like I’m 17 and melting into the couch. In a good way!


HNNY – ‘Hosoi’

Two weeks in a row ending in a beats style…maybe it’ll be a thing! New two-tracker from Swedish house producer Johan Cederberg – it’s verrry chilled out. Have your weekend on ice.


Let me know what you think of these freshies!

Or, did I miss something? Don’t let me sleep on it, please I beg you. 😭 What new releases are you digging?

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