The Love Language // Baby Grand

A dream within a dream, within an album.

Despite a huge variety of stylings across individual songs, the tracks on Baby Grand come together to create a misty wandering feeling. I’d listen to Baby Grand during a breakup, or a trip to the grocery store, or an adventure somewhere scenic. That’s what strikes me most about this album – it’s transferable to your own state of mind. Even though it’s been about 9 years since I heavily streamed their music, I still love the Love Language.

The first time I heard them must’ve been from online radio. At the time (2010?) I was either binge-downloading whatever baby-Amazon-music had for free mp3s or I was using Gnoosic and‘s powers combined to become a supreme alt/indie hipster monster. I could then smartly blast all the underground hits in my car any time another person rode along. Lalita and Sparxxx off the self-titled album (2009) were my number ones.

The Love Language played shows in Boston in August 2018 and even in March 2019 and I’m sad about it. I missed both! Saving up for a puppy and a move meant scrounging pennies at the time, so I couldn’t make it. It wasn’t the show prices at all – just the 45 minutes I’d drive each way, the beers I knew I’d have, and the merch I knew I’d buy (twice). Now that I live in the city, I’m hoping I won’t miss acts like this so often. And that they come back…

Anyways, I hadn’t heard Baby Grand until I saw that the band was coming through. As soon as I heard the first song, it went straight on my 2018 running playlist. The rest of the album is a delight. The songs don’t stick in your head – they float through it in a nostalgic, wistful way.

Frames starts off the album with a brilliantly crashing intro, and the album travels to all of the good places that even exist in indie/alt music. 80’s influences come through especially on tracks 4 & 5, while others lean more towards indie folk. I’m more partial to the 80’s vibe, but the folkier songs are good for moody days.

Favorite Track:

01 – ‘Frames

Give it a listen:

Released August 3, 2018

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