Lazy Monthly // May 2019

Things did happen in May 2019. I think.

I racked up 1,585 plays this month, at about 51 plays per day. This being the first foray into my monthly listening, I’m not sure if that’s insanely low, but it feels that way. Here’s the daily spread:


There were 12-ish days where I didn’t really listen at all (under 10 plays), but holy cow what’s up with the 25th? Any upward-spiking day is definitely related to digging back into my backlog of “tracks-to-listen-to,” and working from home. On top of that, we had some friends over at night on the 25th, so the streams really popped off. Didn’t crack 300, though!

Those 1,585 plays were made up of exactly 1,300 unique tracks (woah, round number), 571 unique artists, and 689 unique albums. No individual artist got over 45 plays and no individual track got over 5 plays. I’m generally track-focused rather than album-focused, and it shows in my low repetition but high variety of artists. Still, winners are winners:

Top Artists

My top artists vary a lot month-to-month, but for this first Lazy Monthly, the top 20 artists that came out are very representative of the range of music I like. Genre-wise, the following artists cover indie/alt, hip-hop, jazz-influenced, reggae-influenced, funk, and electronic music.


It might seem like I really dug the new Vampire Weekend release, but I actually just listened to part of the new album at the end of the month. On the 8th, 9th, and 12th I listened to 4 of the new album’s singles. On the 15th I committed to the catalog: I streamed Modern Vampires of the City, Contra, and the self-titled back-to-back. So refreshing to hear those old indie favorites.

Some new-to-me artists that I was pretty impressed with this month are: Just Friends, Vinegar Mother, The Bruce Lee Band, and Matt Calvert.

I went back to a lot of familiar names, too. I was feeling the 2010s indie vibe and listened to Oberhofer‘s 2012 fairytale-esque release, Time Capsules II, at least twice. “Away Frm U” from that album shows up in my top tracks, too. Such a jam, always.

I was also happy to get into new stuff from familiar artists: Bibio‘s new album and Wild Belle‘s newer stuff (which I thought I didn’t like at all – before listening – yes I am rude).


This neat little pic essentially explains how my top artists for the month got up there (big binges on single days vs. steady tune-ins). You can see I discovered Jazz Spastiks at the start of the month, then switched to some more familiar-to-me favorites. I got turned onto Just Friends at the end of the month and had a few songs on repeat. The spike in VW on the 15th is super clear, but they got a few plays on 4 other days.

Top Tracks

My favorite track this month was by The Mustangs, and it’s a classic, soulful song. Perfect for easing into warmer days. I caught this one off of a cool compilation album, Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay, which is described essentially as a collection of U.S.-funk/soul-influenced tracks out of Freeport, Bahamas.


No tracks were repeated over 5 times; I guess I really wanted to mix it up this month. A new one to me that I like more than it seems by the charts is Foxwarren‘s “Everything Apart.” A lot of the tracks I listened to multiple times this month aren’t covered on my Insta or here on the site. Check ’em out if you’re cruising tracks!


I definitely listen to tons of artists and tracks only a few times. This makes a discovery chart pretty useful – you can see how much of what I was listening to this month was new to me, and how much I had heard before.


I’m really not surprised that over 90% of the songs I listened to this month were new to me.

The first reason is that I recently restarted with (Mar 2019) because I had lost access to my old account (which only covered Dec 2012 – Feb 2015). Discovery percentages will probably go down in future months for me as I build up my library with all the usual suspects.

Another reason is I’ve been much more active in seeking music recommendations and trying out multiple songs from new artists I hear about. Normally I’d give the most popular song from a recommendation a try, and if it didn’t hook me, I’d just move to the next artist. More recently, I’ve been picking artists’ latest releases and adding the entirety to my backlog playlist. Wouldn’t you know I’ve actually been doing full listen-throughs!

Goodbye, May!

May may have disappeared in a blink, and so apparently did most of the tracks I listened to. Will some of them return next month (to drive my discovery rate down)? Will I discover over 1,000 new tracks in a month again?

This has been your May edition of Lazy Monthly.

What were you listening to this month?