Lazy Monthly // August 2019

Remember HAKAS? Well, this summer sure did kick my ass.

Even though adulting the sunny days away has made me feel like a dog-hair-dust-bunny in the corner of the wood floor of life, fall is the best time to get shit done. You might notice I missed a few months of Lazy Monthly – well not TODAY!

I’m a serial revamper, and we’re still in baby stages here folks. So, I made the half-despicable, half-professional move of ditching my old account in favor of a new, dedicated Lazy Plays account.

It’s still my listening for better or worse, but it’s a restart that accompanies a change in how I listen to music. Because I’m an actual human adult now, a blank slate seemed appealing.


I racked up 1,768 plays this month, averaging 61 plays per day. I heard 1,439 unique tracks by 713 unique artists. That’s 81% unique tracks, and about 19% tracks I listened to more than once. I’m definitely more song-oriented than album-oriented, so my album stats aren’t accurate or informative. We’ll stick with songs & artists.

2019_08_1Although I don’t have a huge backstock of these charts, I can guess that this was one of my more consistent months in terms of daily plays. I usually have a few more days without (m)any plays, and at least one day (party night) that spikes above 200 plays.

My restart was on the 3rd of August, so there’s no data for the first 2 days of the month. But for the rest I listened quite a bit! An average of ~60 per day is pretty great, and I had 5 days with over 100 plays.

I think I can listen more in September! I know there’s no shortage of both new and old music I need to listen to.

Top Artists

I was realllly loving Chiefdom Records’ fantastic instrumental funk powerhouse Doctor Bionic this month. They only have 102 monthly listeners on Spotify at the time of writing, and c’mon, that’s just criminal. They just put out Improvising Infinity – “recorded live, spontaneous, raw & directly to 1/4″ in Cincinnati on 4/19/19, only a month after releasing Electro-Magnetic – a studio album that’s still deliciously analog.


I was also digging half•alive like many other folks this month. Their indie pop album Now, Not Yet is infectious and reminds me of early Twenty One Pilots. I dove back in to Led Zeppelin, the acoustically stunning 3-woman harmonies of Upstate, and the nostalgic New Zealand indie rock of Cut Off Your Hands too.

A couple gems towards the bottom may have risen to the top if their releases were earlier in the month. Taylor McFerrin’s new album Love’s Last Chance is an R&B masterpiece that came out on the 16th. For some reason, my favorites are all the even numbered tracks on it?? I feel like that’s never happened to me with an album before. Check it out, maybe you’ll favor the odds!

Top Tracks

My favorite track this month was “The Spot” by Your Smith. A literally excellent pop song. It reminds me of Sheryl Crow a whole bunch. This indie pop artist is taking verrrry fresh perspectives and music out on the road right now! She’s even coming to Boston with K. Flay, and I cannot wait.


I never listen to tracks more than 10 times per month it seems, but it’s just because there’s so much out there to listen to. My personal playlists get up in the thousands for number of tracks for each year. If a track has more than 2 plays, it usually means I really loved it. So true for everything in this chart.

Bossa No Sé” by Cuco was one I wanted not to like at first, but it’s infectious as hell. Plus bossa nova in indie and trap recently might get the younger generation into jazz and, more importantly, world music?? I hope so, because “Bahouche” by Sahel Sounds‘ Amaria Hamadalher and “Avante Juventude” by Os Anjos (misspelled on Spotify & as Os Angos) are my latest non-US favorites, not to be missed!

Also, shout out to Method Man okay? “A-yo, you know what you in for.”

Discovery Donuts

Because of the new account, it’ll take a while (maybe 6 months?) for stats on what was new to become meaningful. I’m not that likely to relisten to everything I’ve ever listened to before, after all. But I can still guesstimate, and I’m sure we all still like donuts.


I definitely listened to more music that I had never heard before than familiar stuff this month. I’m working through different listening and discovery methods, and this month I had a playlist where I’d add anything I heard of that I should give a listen to.

By the end of the month, I realized that this would make it very hard to track what sources which music was discovered from, so next month I’m taking a different approach. I want my community members to know when they’ve turned me on to something amazing!

It is sorrrt of hilarious to me that these are all 100%. Imagine if you only listened to artists you had never heard of for an entire month? No repeats, anywhere? There may be a future experiment there…

Goodbye, August!

And good riddance to the busiest summer ever. Here comes a fall season absolutely jam packed with new releases and amazing shows in Boston. So much to look forward to, even beyond fresh apple cider & farm-made donuts!!

Maybe I can HAKAF (have a kick ass fall) that doesn’t kick mine like this summer did.

This has been your August edition of Lazy Monthly.

What were you listening to this month?