New Fangs // 1

Graphic art with zigzags and text "NEW FANGS"

It’s Friday! Here are some new releases worth a listen. In no particular order & with just a few comments. Get these gosh-dang future sounds into your ears! Spotify playlist updated with the latest picks can be found here.

Moonchild – Little Ghost

Moonchild is a silky-smooth Los Angeles trio bringing you the chillest R&B jazz crossovers on Little Ghost, their fourth LP. All 3 members are exeptional multi-instrumentalists and writing/production collaborators, and it shows.

contemporary R&B

Doctor Bionic – Pillars of Virtue

Super productive, super analog, and super under-the-radar. There isn’t much on the web about the funky instrumental trip hop of Chiefdom Records’ Doctor Bionic. But there are a whole hell of a lot of recordings – they’ve put out 51 tracks since December 2018.

instrumental funk

Bag Raiders – Horizons

If you don’t think Bag Raiders’ sound is catchy, I don’t trust you. Their work is more sophisticated than some others in the electro-pop world because both members of the duo were trained in classical music & find inspiration in soul and rock music.


Juniper – For the First Time

Boston locals making easy-riding, souled-out indie rock. For starting only 2 years ago, they sure have nailed down a sound. Can’t wait to watch these guys grow.

soulful indie rock

Miles Davis – Rubberband

It’s a jazz-pop-funk Frankenstein! If you only love 60s-70s Miles Davis, you might hate this. Who cares about that, I think it’s a great opportunity for people who don’t know Miles Davis at all (or enough) to be reminded that they should dig deeper into his music.


Foster the People – ‘Pick U Up’

Pop party song in good keeping with Foster the Peoples’ old sound – and I’m psyched. They’re one of those groups where they go new places without losing the vibe they first lit us up with. Keeps me young, at least!


Gabriele Poso – ‘Africa Linda’

Deeply musical Italian percussionist Gabriele Poso is slated to release his next album, Batik, on October 11 via Soundway Records. If this upbeat track is any indication, it’ll be a perfectly arranged afro-latin jazz-house bombshell.


Kupla – Coniferous

I’ve been getting into Chillhop Records recently – and good thing because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this. Kupla’s talent in composition and production is at a level I can’t describe yet. Beautiful, emotional, and chill at the same time. Just like nature.


Let me know what you think of these freshies!

Or, did I miss something? Don’t let me sleep on it, please I beg you. 😭 What new releases are you digging?