Chrome Sparks // Goddess

Tripping through a pristine forest drenched in silver.

Chrome Sparks put on one of the most creative live performances I’ve seen. And they did it as an opener. They kicked things off for the M Machine and the Glitch Mob at the House of Blues Boston on October 29, 2014. I don’t remember all the details (my memory is essentially a bucket with a giant hole in the bottom), but I do vividly remember that they set up table lamps programmed to accompany the music for the whole set. It made for a really surreal atmosphere that night – a blend of analog and futuristic electronic elements.

Out on Sydney Australia’s Future Classic in April of 2014, the Goddess EP was brand new to me by the time we went to the show. I’m not even sure I knew any of the songs yet. I do know that the M Machine and Glitch Mob were cool, but Chrome Sparks stuck in my head for much longer. Their tones are so deep, and the arrangement absorbs you in a wall of sound. In a good way.

Brooklyn producer Jeremy Malvin might be so good at making soundscapes like these because of a background in classical percussion (source: Northern Transmissions). Of course, it doesn’t hurt to work with other artists like Miniature Tigers’ Charlie Brand (check out their alternative/dance collab, Promises Ltd. which put out a single in 2018, and Miniature Tigers’ new album out this October because the first single, ‘Manic Upswings‘, already bangs). Newer Chrome Sparks works include his full-length, self-titled debut, a new single, and a (great!) new EP. Find those on Bandcamp here.

Goddess starts out with the orchestral, easing tones of ‘The Meaning of Love,’ a solid introduction to Chrome Sparks’ sound, then drives forward with the pulsing and percussive ‘Star Step.’ ‘Enter the Chrome Forest’ is more sparing, with pretty overlapping synths coming in and out. ‘Lost in the Chrome Forest’ is a standout track on this EP for me – it’s immersive, punchy, and rhythmically weird. My favorite track in 2015 would’ve been the ghosty chill-dropping ‘Goddess,’ but now it’s ‘ZzzzzZ.’ I’ll let you find out why.

Favorite Track:

05 – ‘ZzzzzZ’

Give it a listen:

Released April 28, 2014